Sunday, March 20, 2011

Free Stuff at Kohls! saved $40 and spent $0

On friday I got an e-mail from kohls with a $10 coupon to print at 2 different e-mails. Today was the last day to use them so I got 2 pillows that were on sale for 4.99 and 2 4 packs of socks that were 4.99 and I did not have to spend a single cent.

My free stuff at Kohls!

                                                       My new socks up close!

Transaction 1 upstairs
2 Big One pillows usually $9.99 on sale for $4.99
Total before coupon 21.18
Total after $10 coupon: $0(yep the coupon takes off the tax too)

Transaction 2 downstairs
2 4 packs of socks usually $10 each said $5.99 each on the sign but rang up $4.99 each
Total before coupon $21.18
Total after $10 coupon $0

Can you beat that? Tell me your deals at Kohls!

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