Saturday, April 9, 2011

Free stuff for your birthday!

Did you know there are all kind of things you can get on your birthday? Well today is my birthday! Want to know what all I got e-mails for for free?That I didn't have to purchase anything to get?
  1. I got a coupon for a free burger(and fries) from Ruby Tuesday I got the Bacon cheeseburger and it was wonderful a $10.99 value absolutely free, my free birthday gift from Ruby Tuesday
  2. A coupon from Baskin Robbins for a free 2.5 oz scoop of ice cream or a swirl of soft serve,I got the scoop of strawberry ice cream(my dog wanted some)
  3. A coupon for a 1 scoop sundae from Culver's I got the fudge pecan and talk about yummy it sure was over a $3 value
  4. There are many more out there but those are the offers I got that were close by that I didn't have to buy something to get something, I didn't eve have to pay tax, talk about absolutely free.
  5. So take advatage of turning 1 year older and enjoy something FREE, your worth it treat yourself without spending a dime!

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