Thursday, July 7, 2011

Swagbucks earn free stuff now!

I have been a member of swagbucks for a while now and have gotten many free things. My favorite thing to get with my swagbucks is amazon giftcards. It only takes 450 points  to get a $5 amazon giftcard. All you have to do is search daily , take the daily polls, play games, and do special offers. It is free to join so why not join!  I have gotten $40 in swagbucks in the last little bit so why wait join today and start earning swagbucks. You know you want to!
  You can also earn paypla which means free cash! Gotta love that! It only takes about 5 minutes a day to start earning free cash, giftcards and more. Think of it this way start now and by christmas you will have all your christmas presents for your friends and family all for free! Or just a little extra cash to help pay your bills or splurge on something you really want. You have  nothing to lose so why not join now?

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