Thursday, March 15, 2012

CookieCoo Dancing Star – iOS App with Plenty of Entertaining and Educating Benefits for Children

There is no doubt that apps for children are very much in demand these days but for parents, looking for fun kids apps may be a tad difficult especially when there are plenty to choose from. Cooking Coo Dancing Star is designed to entertain young children through its five cookie characters that sing and dance to different children's songs in the game. The concept of this edutainment app is to let children develop their fundamental skills using a media platform. Who said that the apps for children don’t t teach anything but games to kids? You might be surprised to find that many parents are turning to digital learning to educate their children while they are still in their developmental stage.

Although the call of free children apps is strong, paying for children apps such as CookieCoo Dancing Star won't be too heavy on your pockets. In fact, you won't even coughing up more than $1 in the process because this gaming app is priced at just $0.99. If you are looking for good apps for kids that you can download and install into your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch make sure that you look into CookieCoo Dancing Star. This game is not just about rhythm. It is also a game geared to focusing your child's attention to the details of the game including the sing-along show that they can watch when they get tired of tapping the instruments to the beat of the music.

There are plenty of children apps that are part of the top apps for children and when you take a closer look you will see that CookieCoo Dancing Star is included. The combination of fun and learning in one game is enough to capture the attention of parents and when they get to see the overall interface of the CookieCoo Dancing Star, they will know that this one is for keeps. Looking for top educational apps for kids may just be what modern parents should look for in this digital age. Kids educational apps like CookieCoo Dancing Star are more than just a source of entertainment but they are also a source of learning. The best part is that this app is affordable and its add-ons won't even make a dent to your savings.

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  1. i love how affordable this app is! yes, free is nice but I can shell out .99 or $1 for this! thx for the review

  2. Great post! This is a wonderful app to put on the iPad when we are out and about :)