Friday, January 31, 2014

Freebie friday dogs treats and more

If you were lucky enough to get an email from Purina about trying 3 new varieties of waggin train treats you will be receiving them shortly.I want to note that the chicken jerky is still made in china but the new 2 varieties are made in the USA! Also Kroger's Friday freebie today is a Hormel rev wrap and they also have a Purina puzzle game and I won a beggin strip coupon to get a FREE bag!
 This is what my email from waggin train looked like

Hi there Katie,
We can’t express enough how much we value you as a fan of Purina and would love to offer you 3 full-size bags of new treats from Waggin’ Train.
You and your amazing dog continue to be our greatest inspiration. We love that your dog is as real as they come — honest, supportive and lovingly simple.
It’s those qualities that push us at Waggin’ Train to make real treats for your real dog. Like making them with 100% real chicken, and quality that’s better than ever. But don’t take our word for it, let your dog give ’em a try.
We’re offering you a limited chance to be among the first to try our new Waggin’ Train snacks. After your dog enjoys eating them up, share your experience and be the first to review. Sign up to receive 3 FREE full-size bags of treats: Chicken Jerky Tenders, Jerky Duos and Smoky Jerky Snacks.
Sign up
We’re excited to hear from you,
Team Waggin’ Train

Free dog treats Friday!
100% Real. 100% Delicious. 100% Free

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