Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mueller Pasta only a quarter at Meijer and walmart

Meijers has Mueller's Pasta for $1 a box until Saturday January 11th On the Mueller's pot sized boxes they had 55 cent off a box making it 45 cents or if you are like me and spotted a smart source dispenser at Kroger that dispensed 75 cent off coupons you can get it for 25 cents a box. Also note you would be able to price match at walmart and get this deal. Just a hint if getting a lot you will want to do multiple transactions. I used the self check out.
$0.25 boxes of Mueller's Pot Sized Spaghetti, what a bargain!

I got 14 thin spaghetti, 8 Angel hair and 6 spaghetti for $7

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